Photochromic options

To Photochromic or Not

What type of riding do you do?

We received this comment from one of our loyal customers which has prompted this newsletter.

“I generally ride early and as most of my starts are pre dawn I use and trust my photochromic BZ's with readers, these are now 18 month old and I love em.

I recently purchased a pair of the new mirror lens with reader during your opening special deal, and have only just got around to use them, when we did a coffee ride with the missus and some mates.

I must say brilliant piece of kit. Great vision in the brightest of sunshine Thank you Bz.”

Do you ride to train, do ride for the social aspect, or do you ride to be with your friends.

With the new addition of the Hi Definition photochromic lens

Bz now has 3 types of readers .

*If you start your rides early pre dawn then the clear to grey photochromic lens is for you.

*If you start early but not in the dark then the new hi definition photochromic lens is for you.

*If all your rides are in full sun then you can't go past the blue mirror option.

Or with Bz's easy but secure lens mounting system why not option up, with all three lenses.

The new Hi Definition lens can really enhance vision in low light conditions including light fog or mist. They are soft on the eyes, and really comfortable to wear, great for road mountain biking Golf and trail running even fantastic in the car.

With all our glasses offer the 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

All lenses are available in the 5 frame colours