Out Of stock news

Thanks to the overwhelming support of all our customers unfortunately we have run out of stock of one model of lenses.

The PHO photochromic lenses, clear to grey lenses (Cat0-Cat3) are out of stock until mid/late June.

We do already have customers on the wait list so we can sent these straight out to those who require them once, as soon as they arrive in store.

If you would like to pop your name on the wait list please email us at info@bzoptics.com.

Alternatively we do have the high definition photochromic lenses, in the PHO range. These change from a light amber (cat1) to a dark amber (cat3) and are great for low level light and as a general lens as it heightens the world around you.

We do also have the OZ model with photochromic lenses, this comes in a clear (cat0)to grey lens (cat3). This model has a different frame set up so it can't be utilised with PHO model lenses but is a rounder lens and great if you can't wait.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask us anything.