BZ Optics second year anniversary newsletter.

Welcome to BZ Optics second year anniversary newsletter.


Wow that two years flew by - since we released our "World First"  Photochromic Bi focal reader in 2016 at the London Cycle Show BZ Optics have been sold into 12 countries around the globe and many thousands of pairs are being worn by cyclists and outdoors people everywhere.

The range has been broadened to include a much more diverse array of lenses. 

BZ's PHO model in now available fitted with:
* Photochromic bi focal reader lens which darkens from Cat 0 (clear) in pre dawn to Cat 2 (mid grey) in full sun - available with +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 magnification.
* Photochromic (non reader) Cat 0 (clear) in low or no light and darkens to Cat 3 (dark grey) in full sun.
* High Definition Photochromic - this lens is a light copper (Cat 1) in low or no light and darkens to dark grey (Cat 3) in full sun.
* Blue Mirror (Cat 3).
* Fire Mirror (Cat 3).

PHO frame is now available in the following colours:
* Gloss Graphite with light grey non slip nose piece and temples. * Matt Black with dark grey non slip nose piece and temples.
* Fluro Yellow with light grey non slip nose piece and temples.
* Hot Pink with light grey non slip nose piece and temples.
* Gloss White with mid blue non slip nose pieces and temples.  

Our second frame design is called the OZ and it is available fitted with Photochromic (Cat 0) to (Cat 3) 8 base curve wrap lenses or the option of having the lenses removed and a flatter lens frame (6 base curve) fitted into the frame in their place. This frame comes standard with fire mirror (Cat 3) lens or these can be removed and replaced and with prescription lenses produced by your optometrist or BZ.

What’s NEW for 2018:
We are also currently working on two new lens options to fit the PHO frame:
* HD Photochromic (Cat 1) to (Cat 3) with bi focal reader.
* Dark Grey (Cat 3) with blue mirror bi focal reader lenses.
Both are due for release mid 2018.

We are also finalising our two new Mountain Bike frames which will be due for release by mid year. We will offer a great deal of 25% of retail for the pre purchase of these glasses - stay tuned.

Free Freight February
During February we are offering free freight for orders anywhere in the world.

Photochromic Readers
We have had some people comment that the reader lenses do not go dark enough.

When we first developed the glasses we had anticipated that the lens would go to Cat 3 and not the lighter Cat 2. The issue is that to achieve the the maximum darkness the lens has to be dip coated so that both surfaces have the photochromic solution. It works fine for both the normal lenses but when the bi focal is dip coated a small amount of the solution sits on top of the top of the reader and creates a slither of distortion. As we had ordered our first three thousand pairs dip coated - once we found the problem we didn't want to go to market with a inferior product. So we decided to infuse the photochromic solution into the lens in production. The only issue was that because we only had one layer then lens didn't go as dark.
 So if you wish we could send you a pair of these lenses for free  - all you need to pay is the $11 overnight freight - making you aware firstly that there is a slight sliver of distortion. (those who have taken us up on this offer generally haven't had an issue once they had gotten used  to the line from the bi focal already.

BZ Promotions
We at BZ have been promoting our products around the world at various trade shows and events. We have just returned from the Core Bike Show in the UK and ISPO Sport Trade Show in Munich. Later in the year we also plan on promoting BZ at cycle trade shows in Europe and in the USA.

We have also been marketing at various events around Australia and New Zealand including Ironman, cycling and mountain biking as well as some print and social media.

Future Promotions
Huskisson Triathlon Festival - 16th to the 18th of February.

Luke Harrop Memorial - Gold Coast Ironman - 24th to the 25th of February.

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman - Taupo NZ - 1st to the 2nd of March..

Clare Valley Cycle Classic SA - 7th to the 8th of April.

Port Macquarie Ironman - 3rd to the 6th of May

Noosa Cycle Classic - Auckland Marathon - 12th May.

Hutchwilco Auckland Boat Show - 17th to the 20th of May.

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show - Gold Coast - 24th to the 27th of May.

Cairns Ironman Qld - 7th to the 10th of Jun.

World Web sites in their own currency: - UK and Europe - US and Canada - New Zealand - Rest of the world.

Scotty and I would like to thank you all for making our first two year so successful and we look forward to exciting times ahead.

To all those customers who have penned reviews and reports an even bigger thanks.

Regards - Scott Birdsall and Kevin Barr.